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Consequences of Iran’s March Elections: A Study of Political Change in the Islamic Republic

Preface In March of 2008 Iran held parliamentary level elections.  The Majles (Iran’s legislature) elections were heavily vetted in the weeks before the election.  Once vetted however, they appear to have run fair, unlike the June 2009 presidential elections.  I

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Inequitable Mediation: The International Community’s Response to The Iran Iraq War

“Inequitable Mediation” examines how the weak international response to Saddam Hussein’s aggression in September 1980 and the bias in subsequent mediation efforts prolonged the Iran-Iraq War. The duration of the war is frequently attributed to religious fanaticism, the will of maniacal dictators, or ancient animosities. Naturally, irrational causes seem appropriate explanations for such a senseless and destruction war but these appeals do little to explain how such a war occurred in the post-WWII international order designed to prevent and contain interstate wars. This paper attempts to make sense of the international community’s failure in handling the war.

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Oil Dependence and Economic Development: Development Challenges to the Islamic Republic of Iran

“Oil Dependence and Economic Development,” written in April 2009, analyzes Iran’s growing dependence on oil revenues since the 1979 Revolution and why the regime has been unable to implement sufficient economic reform. It explores Iran’s quasi-governmental, heavily subsidized state run industries as a cause for Iranian industry’s inability to compete internationally. The subsidies are not given to make the industries more competitive, like is done elsewhere, but to create jobs given to regime supporters. While it seems the government of Iran is aware that their system of patronage is economically debilitating, they dare not dismantle the system lest they alienate their supporters.

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